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SEO Strategy Featuring Love From H3 Podcast [Case: Kav Kav]

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Love from the H3 Podcast talks about SEO, content, and marketing in this exclusive Q&A. Love is known around the internet as Yung Fika or Love Bot. This Q&A took place on December 25th, 2022.

Love from the Ethan & Hila Klien's H3 Podcast.
Love from the Ethan & Hila Klien's H3 Podcast.

How did you get started in the marketing industry?

Growing up in what you could call the boom of YouTube, I've always known I wanted to be part of that industry in one way or another. So in my teens, I started doing youtube videos and growing different gimmick accounts on Twitter.

But it wasn't until after high school that I landed a job with an "online agency" that did marketing, website building, and general social media management. I got that job with the help of my previous social media experience during my teens, and with a promise I'd learn SEO.

You recently made a website that helps distinguish Ryan Kavanagh from Harvey Weinstein. The website seemingly exploded in the search results.

1. When did you realize people were confused? What research did you do to uncover this SEO opportunity?

We first realized how big of an issue the confusion between Ryan & Harvey was when we first started talking about RK's lawsuits on the show. The overwhelming feedback we got in our comment section and on Reddit made it clear we had an issue.

Initially when I googled Ryan Kavanaugh, I noticed directly that the results were very artificial, just a bunch of puff pieces, personal websites with low domain ratings and social media. His personal website, allegedly in Minecraft, in my opinion, showed some heavy signs of purchased backlinks which, of course, is against Google's TOS.

2. With the success of the website, what does this say about providing valuable content to people and the impact that can have on SEO?

It says quite a lot! While sure I have a good amount of knowledge in SEO, and I did apply some of it when building the website, the truth of the matter is that I didn't go overboard with SEO tricks for doesryankavanaughlooklikeharveyweinstein. The website is a simple WordPress website with some basic SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and a free image caching tool. Pretty much the absolute minimum I would ever do for a website, still, it reached the top of SERP within a week.

Personally, I would attribute 70% of the website's speedy launch to the top to Google being valuable content for searchers.

3. Considering your expertise and that you achieved these excellent SEO results, what previous experiences working in the SEO field helped you create such a high-ranking & influential website as:

Organic keyword search volume & rankings for

I’ve been building WordPress websites off and on for years, and I’ve worked professionally as an SEO analyst. A lot of the clients I acquired when freelancing has been local business like restaurants and small stores, so this was a great training ground for me.

Later on, when working at a firm, I got the opportunity to be one of the main strategists for ad serving and SEO for Norway's biggest telecommunications operator, Chilimobil, which was launching in Sweden. I also worked for Stockholm's biggest newspaper, Mitti, while working at the same firm.

4. Based on your experience with Ryan Kavanagh, how does blackhat SEO negatively impact the industry and people’s online ability to find factual information?

Most people know that when someone can edit a source of information, they won't put as much trust into it; that's why Wikipedia works. Most people know it might be biased because an unknown writer writes it. At first glance, you might think this is the case for Google as well, but the key difference is that, in my experience, most googlers don't know that the results can be impacted so much by bad actors' using blackhat SEO.

What is your most critical advice to businesses looking to grow through SEO?

Find the correct keywords/phrases, and don't aim too high. In many cases, I see companies put way too much energy into fighting for way too broad or already overused keywords that they'll never even get to the first page of search engines. Instead, I recommend that businesses find their own more niche keywords and key phrases.

How can creators & businesses ensure their content gets found on YouTube?

Right now, I think creators and businesses have a very big opportunity with Shorts on YouTube. YouTube still sees Shorts as a bit experimental and are pushing them extra hard to users.

About Love, A Modern Marketing Guru

I work for the H3 Podcast, and the work I’ve done for them has evolved A LOT over the years. Back when I first started, and most of the first half year, I was largely unknown to the viewers. I was mentioned here and there but never fully introduced. My early work was all social; I cut clips for Instagram and Twitter. After a while, I decided to also start a TikTok which over the years proved to be one of my best decisions; we’re currently averaging 13-15 mil views a month on there!

As time went on, I started getting mentioned on the show more and more, and eventually, I was introduced to the show during an H3 Podcast knowledge game against another crew member. After that segment, I started being on the show more and more and eventually, I got a permanent spot as one of the crew members.

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"Now that Ethan Klien is 42, how does this impact the SEO strategies of the H3 Podcast?"
I of course, have no clue what you’re talking about. Ethan is 37 years old ;)


This Q&A and article were conducted by Thomas Durham, the Founder & CEO of Mango Digital. If you are struggling with your marketing efforts or want to grow your business, book a free consultation with a Growth Marketing Specialist.

The statements made in this article are the opinions of the contributors.

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