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Kristine Smith Designs

Case Study


Kristine Smith Designs is a full-service wedding planning company in San Diego that also offers partial wedding planning and wedding floral design services.


Wedding Planning



Web Design

Content Marketing


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Revenue Increase

From 2022 to 2023.


AOV Increase

From 2022 ($2,138.15 avg. booking) to 2023 ($5,438.25 avg. booking).


Page Views Increase

From 254 views in 2022 to 8,071 in 2023.


Business Goals

  1. Standing out in the competitive wedding planning industry.

  2. Increase both brand visibility and the value of client bookings.

  3. Grow search rankings, website traffic, and lead generation organically.

SEO Triumph

  • Topped Google SEO in niche and achieved number one search position for sage green weddings for more than 3 months.

  • From our strategy, the client created sage green wedding content on Instagram, where it quickly went viral, garnering over 1.1 million views.

How we addressed the goals


Completed market research and an extensive SEO plan that created an awesome expereince for users and inbound sales machine for the client.

Web Design

Continuously enhanced website design for seamless functionality across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, prioritizing intuitive navigation.

Content Marketing

Crafted 22,500+ words of tailored copywriting aimed at captivating brides and grooms, enticing them to explore the website further and enage with the client.


Enhanced the branding by selecting brand fonts and colors packaged in a brand sheet, then seamlessly implemented across the website.

Work with us and see your business grow

Accolades Galore

  • Selected as Top Three rated wedding planners in the clients market due to outreach from Mango Digital. 

  • Received three awards for client reviews based on supportive outreach from Mango Digital.

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